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After a prolonged winter in the Midwest, I was inspired by all things summer.  I also tried a few new methods this past month.  My world has gone from bright rainbow punked unicorns to hand-sculpted earrings.  

I think too many snow storms toward what was supposed to be the beginning of spring really made me appreciate all things associated with summer.  Bright colors and characters really called to me.  I stepped outside my usual book characters and ventured into my version of a rockin' unicorn and an Elvis inspired pig.  

My eyes started to pay attention to more than colors and found new patterns, which I carved into my clay designs.  Using a needle and beading tool was a challenge and there were many do-overs.  Adding adhesive with a toothpick was also another feat mastered.  If you ever decide to try using clay and metal pigment on your designs, prepare for messy and smearing when you glaze.  There's no way to avoid it.

What is life without challenges?  I'll keep you posted on any new experiments or designs.


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