Shows for 2024

Our shows and event line up has begun and we had our first maker’s market on Saturday, March 9th in Ramsey, Minnesota.  This was a one day event with over 100 other small business owners.  Was the profit spectacular?  

Well, we made back our table cost and made some profit.  It wasn’t the highest we did but we made some connections and got to know some our fellow creators.  In fact, we were told about a show this coming weekend in St. Cloud and we were able to get into a space.

This upcoming show is more for geeks and the weird, which fits our many of our creations.  So, our excitement continues because it was a surprise pop-up.  More importantly, I feel like I really pushed myself to create new designs for this year.  

My husband and I have more combined pieces that take his 3D skills with my miniatures.  We have new miniature furniture and food pieces.  We also have new miniature houses.  I’m really excited to see where we go this year.  

I’m also pleased to announce that we’re building up our YouTube Channel at ThinkCutie or  Here we’ll share some our designs, processes, and us at events so you can see our daily lives.  Remember to subscribe for updates.

You can also look at our upcoming events list page for more information.  Thank you for all your support.  I hope we see you at one of our events!

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