Fall Events

This year my husband and I went a little event crazy.  With the holidays coming up, you think we would take a breather but everyone in the art and craft world knows it’s the busiest time of year.  We have shows and events planned every other weekend and I’m feeling the rush to create.

As creators of 3D designs and polymer clay miniatures we’ve taken extra thinking time to combine our art forms into one.  My husband now designs and 3D prints my miniature furniture and displays.  Our goal is to challenge ourselves on ways to mix our two different media together to creat something unique and fun. 

We must have done something right because we’re selling out of our handmade and 3D printed items so quickly they don’t always make it into our store.  Hopefully, we have enough time to make more pieces to share online.  

Come join us at our shows as we move into the holidays.  We’re always happy to answer questions about our process and help you in your own journey.

Next Events:

Holiday Gift and Craft Show
Maple Grove Community Center
October 28th and 29th 10 - 4:30 PM

Twin Cities Con
Minneapolis Convention Center

November 3rd - 5th

Friday - Saturday 12 - 7 pm &  Sun 10 - 5 pm

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