Evolution of An Idea Into a Business

From creating characters to represent diversity and stop the ignorance of bullies, this artist is rebranding her idea.  Those who let an idea evolve and let it grow into a brand or business understand not only the hard work, but the time when something changes.  Your one baby has grown.  
I've been a one woman show for a while and it's been filled with all kinds of ups and downs.  Taking an idea and growing it into a business is hard.  Sometimes, you may want to give.  Sometimes, creators have trouble letting go of their original idea but it needs to happen.  In order to grow, there's going to be change.  
If we all saw the first few brush strokes of famous painter, it would probably look nothing like the masterpieces we see today.  Writers cringe at their first draft.  We all go through the same evolution from concept to finished masterpiece.  I've decided to let go and build a team, include other artists, and in many ways let go of the madness thinking I have to do everything.  
Don't get me wrong.  An owner of a company should spend time in every part of the job but their main focus should be on more important issues.  Not thinking about if the company printer is out of ink.  
On one last note, I heard something from another entrepreneur that really woke me up again.  No matter what stage you're at, we are all our own CEOs.  How are you going to run your life?  I hope you start building your legacy today.
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