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Inspiration for an artist and designer comes from every day living and sharing the things you're passionate about.  Our artist has rediscovered her cultural heritage by traveling to Asia and falling find a first love - Food!  This is a common experience with world travelers and it's one way to discover a new city.  

The art of sushi was actually first created in Korea when farmers had to take their lunch out into the fields.  Often, what most people had out of every day necessity becomes the most treasured.  We always see a return to common dishes that were created out of what was available in every culture after they go through a period of fusion and "fine dining".

Many of the phrases and designs you see in reflect the discover of new foods, culture, and passion.  Our designer is influenced by the "Cute" culture in many of the Asian countries.  She will always have a place in her heart for Aeygo (cute in Korean), ke ai (mandarin), or Kawaii (Japanese).  

May you find the things you love during your travels! 

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